• 137A Lillie Road, Fulham, SW6 7SX
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Excellent... for Milano Pizza


Milano Expresss Pizza is excellent, I'm glad I've discovered this restaurant! I am from Napoli (where pizza was actually invented!) and I can state that the pizza that these guys make is as good as a standard pizza in Napoli (which is stil 100 times better than any pizza you can have in any town other than Napoli!) Besides that I also really appreciate that they do listen to your instructions and the driver is very polite and quite fast I have to say. However I've noticed that at lunchtime the pizza is slightly different and I believe this being due to a different kind of baking (perhaps the wood-fired oven is run for dinnertime only and at lunch they use an electric oven..) So if you want a propre one I'd recommend that you have it in the evening ;o)

HAMID, FULAH at Jan 10, 2013